Ant networks

We decided to include the design of few neural networks for geeks, who want to see how the cellular ants are implemented.

The networks will show, that more neurons do not necessarily mean more functionality. Thuringia ant has by no means the worst performance of all the cellular ants, however, its network is the biggest. The networks are extendible, as you can see that Thrakia network is de facto a subset of Theresia network.

The colored numbers represent different mediators and amount of receptors on each synapse. The neurons are violet, cells transforming the environment to neural impulses are orange and blue circles represents cells, which influence the ant's behavior. The influence can be either moving leg or released odor or both.







Ants News

Aug 25, 2009
A new video was added to the Ants - Overview page. The video shows our simulations of ants.
Jan 23, 2009
New features were added to the simulation program - smooth zooming and viewport movement improved.