Our team has been created during a long and successful cooperation of students of Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics under surveillance of Zdenek Hedrlin from department of Applied Mathematics. Our common interest is to create a mathematical theory of cell behavior, the Digital Biological Cell.

Everybody in the team is participating on research of various eukaryotic cells. We encourage innovative, non-orthodox and courageous approach to problematics of bio informatic by insisting on the following key points:

  • The approach must be empathic
  • The approach must be compatible with DBC
  • The approach must have mathematical rather than biological background

The team can be contacted:

  • Web:
  • Email: dbx ((at))
  • Mail: Spolecne s.r.o; Bohunova 1339/7; 14900 Praha 4; Czech Republic

Our current team members:

Team memberInterest
Václav BalcarCreation of a neural network works in diametrically different time scale, than everyday processes. Can be those two simulative together?
Václav BartáčekThe basic DBC laws and genetic information preset cell behavior. How can different parameters of the laws categorize organisms and how a different genetic information categorizes cells within the organisms?
Tomáš BílýCancer can be accelerated or suppressed, but nobody knows exactly how. Can simulations of communication between all involved cells reveal the secrets?
Tomáš StrakaThe brain consists of neurons while the mind is a result of brain function. Can we simulate the mind simply by using the model of a neuron?
Dan ŠkardaThe brain again. Can we describe the brain output by studying temporal series of neural activity?

The team is open and anybody willing to participate on the research is welcome, there is still a lot of unanswered topics to be addressed our chosen way.


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