The Question

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I was in a second grade at faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague studying computer science. One of the compulsory classes was mathematical analysis. One day our professor was on a conference and a substitute teacher came instead. We had a math lesson and at the end of it, the teacher asked the question:

"Do you think, is it possible to simulate your mind?"

My immediate reaction was "No. If it would be possible to simulate my mind, I would do it, but nothing can stop me of thinking of something else and hence the simulation would be wrong."

And he continued: "If you think no, that is it. If you are interested to see how, just visit my seminar." I went there an I was trapped. His name is Zdenek Hedrlin.

A lot of time passed since then and we had a great opportunity to participate on fundamental research on a topic so interesting and exciting. The neuro section is dedicated to present the results of the research of digital biological cell (dbc) with a special focus on neurons. Current ongoing activities of the group consist of deepening the theory as well as it's application.

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