Digital Biological Cell

Digital Biological Cell (DBC) is a general empathic mathematical model of an eukaryotic cell. The model is inspired by theoretical physics. The notions used in the model are both observed (such as speed in physics) as well as introduced (such as energy). The theoretical model does not primarily open a question, whether the introduced notions can be observed. Contrary to that, the theoretical approach opens a question how the introduced notions can help us to describe, simulate or even predict behavior of the surrounding world, in our case behavior of organism consisting of eukaryotic cells.

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Digital Biological Cell
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Apr 19, 2010
The beta version of the theory presentation has been published. The author welcomes any critique to improve it.
Aug 25, 2009
A new video was added to the Ants - Overview page. The video shows our simulations of ants.
Feb 27, 2009
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